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Spacecraft Audio System Development

Johnson Space Center (JSC) - Internship
The student will assist in research, integration, testing and evaluation of audio related systems including voice communication and speech recognition hardware and software. This includes integration of commercial wireless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications on tablet computers for wireless voice communication via WiFi networks. Also included is programming and integration of a Raspberry Pi based imbedded speech recognizer on an Ethernet network. Development of custom graphical user interface displays will also be included. The student will also be given other audio-related assignments as required based on their proficiencies and specific areas of interest.
Internship Facts
Session(s): Fall 2017
Available slots: 1
Academic Level(s): College - Junior
Academic Discipline(s): Engineering - Computer Eng
Engineering - Electrical Eng.
NASA Center/Facility Name: Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Building Number/Name & Room Number 44 / 202
Work Environment Laboratory Office Setting
Expected outcome: At the end of the tour, the student will be expected to provide an informal report documenting all research information gathered, with sources cited, design information for any hardware or software design assignments as well as test/evaluation results, conclusions and recommendations for continued development to pass on to the next intern. It is critical that the report include sufficient detail explaining setup and operation of developed systems for continued use and continued development.
Student's special skills: Student must be proficient in C/C++, Java Script, and HTML programming languages as well as the Linux operating system. Basic LabView programming skills and familiarity with Python would be beneficial. Also, basic knowledge of computer networking architectures and protocols would be helpful.