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Opportunity Title: NASA Academy at Marshall Space Flight Center
Opportunity Type: Internship
Applicants for Research Associate positions in the NASA Academy at Marshall can choose from the following research areas: High Energy Astrophysics (Gamma Ray Astronomy/ X-ray Astronomy/ Energetic Particles/Cosmic Ray Dosimeters), Heliophysics (Space Weather/ Chromospheric Emissions), Planetary Science (moons/comets/astroids/meteoroids), Life Support Technologies, New Space Materials, Friction Stir Welding, Live-Off-the-Land Technologies, Small Launch Vehicles (nano-launch/cubesats), Hall-Effect Thrusters/Electric Propulsion. Applicants should indicate their ranked choice of research areas. For additional information about NASA Academy at Marshall Space Flight Center, go to:
Final report and poster presentation
In the essay section, provide a brief essay (150 words) containing 1) your interest in space and how it arose, 2) your capabilities which suit you for the academy/ies, 3) rank of your chosen academy opportunity/ies (NASA Academy at MSFC, NASA Propulsion Academy, NASA Academy at Glenn, etc.) - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
Session and Student Info

Summer 2017

(Note: Freshman-Senior refer to college students, not high school)
College - Junior
College - Senior
Pursuing Masters
Academic discipline(s) that interested students should be studying.
  Engineering - Aerospace Eng.
Engineering - Biomedical Eng.
Engineering - Chemical Eng.
Engineering - Computer Eng
Engineering - Electrical Eng.
Engineering - Instrumentation Eng.
Engineering - Materials Eng.
Engineering - Mechanical Eng.
Engineering - Nuclear Eng.
Engineering - Optical Eng.
Engineering - Polymer Eng.
Engineering - Structural Eng.
Mathematics - Applied Mathematics
Mathematics - Space Mathematics
Mathematics - Structure Mathematics
Science - Astronomy
Science - Chemistry
Science - Earth Sciences
Science - Physics
Technology - Nanotechnology
Technology - Software Eng.
Technology - Systems Eng./Design
Technology - Comp Science
Work Site Location

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

Marshall Space Flight Center
/ : MSFC, Huntsville Alabama

& : 4200 / 209A
Field Work Laboratory Office Setting
Work Environment: