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Opportunity Title: Data management for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
Opportunity Type: Internship
Given the recent and ongoing rapid growth of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and their popularity and potential for science and societal applications (in academia, industry, and government), the proper management of UAS data is critical. UAS as defined here, or more popularly known as small drones, include those used for research and applications but not those of larger programs, such as NASA's Global Hawk. UAS data management currently is quite challenging, given the lack of existing governance models that could be leveraged to organize the data that are inherently irregular and make them discoverable and searchable. Without proper management, most UAS data are destined to become "dark data." Other challenges in UAS data management for a data center include sufficient metadata, proper documentation, and complete provenance information, so that long-term preservation could be ensured. Potential topics for investigation include the following (specific tasks will be selected that would be realistically doable within the internship period and based on the academic and experience level of the selected intern): 1. Challenges for UAS science data preservation (i.e., for a repository) 2. Potential applicable standards (from both airborne and satellite communities) 3. Differences and similarities between data (and metadata) from UAS and those from airborne or satellite platforms 4. UAS data quality 5. Gaps and connections between ground, UAS, and airborne or satellite data 6. Applications of UAS data 7. UAS and social media There are several groups with ongoing UAS-related activities with which the successful internship candidate could potentially interact and which would provide a real-world context for the internship project. These groups include the following: 1. Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) * Agriculture & Climate Cluster (UAS data in agriculture) * ESIP Drone Cluster (UAS, data, applications in general) * ESIP Education Committee (use of UAS in and outside of classrooms) 2. American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Data Preservation and Archiving Committee (DPAC) and its recently released ASPRS Aerial Data Portal. Currently, the Portal is intended only for aerial photography. But, the possible inclusion of UAS data is under discussion. 3. ASPRS and Manual of Remote Sensing-4th Ed. (MRS4), in progress. Chapter 4 is on UAS. Chapter 8 (Innovative Applications of Remote Sensing) will include UAS applications.
In addition to a final summary report, potential outputs from this internship may include the following (to be determined mutually by mentors and intern, based on academic and experience level of the intern): 1. Presentation at ESIP 2017 Summer Meeting (July 25-28; Bloomington, IN) 2. ESIP FUNding Friday Competition entry ( 3. TBD outputs from specific tasks done in collaboration with one of more of the ESIP groups 4. Contributions to ASPRS Aerial Data Portal 5. Contributions to ASPRS MRS4
Interest areas: - Airborne and satellite remote sensing data collection, management, and application - Earth science, Geography - Computer science with emphasis on data management or data library science
Keywords: Data science, Data management, Digital data curation, Data preservation, Drones for science research, Drones for science applications, Unmanned aerial system, Earth science
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Summer 2017

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Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)

8800 Greenbelt Rd
/ : Greenbelt Maryland
20771 2400

& : Bld 32 / S130E
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