Getting Started for Students

Step 1: Register

  • Go to the ‘Log in/Register’ tab to create a new OSSI account.
  • Provide basic information such as name, addresses, college/university, major, degree being pursued, and planned graduation date

Step 2: Create an Interest Profile

  • Specify areas of interest for an internship or fellowship
  • Specify frequency of receiving e-mails for new opportunity announcements that match your interests

Step 3: Complete an application

  • Complete an internship, fellowship or scholarship application
  • Each type of application places you in the applicant pool for consideration for all NASA opportunities (for more information on NASA opportunities, visit the Student Discovery section on the ‘Home’ tab)

Step 4: Search and select opportunities of interest

In addition to being placed in the applicant pool, you can submit your interest in up to 15 opportunities of your choice for which you would like to be considered:

  • Search for internship or fellowship opportunities that match your interests
  • Save opportunities of interest for future viewing
  • Prior to the application period ending, submit interest in up to 15 opportunities

You can monitor the status of your top 15 opportunities on the ‘My Opportunities’ tab. If selected, you will receive an offer letter via email.